Scrolling Game Development Kit


Design and compile 2D games as .NET applications.

  • Scrolling Game Development Kit - Download
  • Scrolling Game Development Kit - Download
  • Scrolling Game Development Kit - Download
  • Scrolling Game Development Kit - Download
Benjamin Marty - January 20, 2009
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Publisher's description

Integrated environment for editing graphics with alpha translucency and anti-aliasing, designing animated sprites, editing parallax scrolling maps and more.  Included code editor allows much customization, but is not required to develop simple games.  Games are compiled to .NET Framework 2.0-based stand-alone executables.  Graphics are OpenGL-based.  project file format is XML based for easy inter-opeability with external programs and utilities, should you want to use SGDK as a graphics editor or a level editor for your own projects.
Intrinsic functionality is geared towards easily developing side-scrolling games.  Sprites can easily ride on moving platforms and run up slopes.  All maps are tile-based, and you can define the shape of each tile to be one of the predefined shapes or develop your own shapes.  Tile images may overlap on the map, which can be used to develop isometric view games, as has already been demostrated with a sample project.
Each project includes a default framework coded in C#, which you may edit and extend in the integrated code editor to customize your game's functionality.  Due to the fact that such a large percentage of the code is customizable, the customizations can be drastic and far reaching.  The final result is a compiled application which runs very efficiently due to the fact that all the data and code are compiled into an application rather than saved as data and interpreted at runtime.  The project is also exported to a C# project for Visual Studio 2008, which can be loaded and edited in Visual C# Express 2008 (a free download from Microsoft).
No installation is necessary, therefore un-installing is as simple as deleting the application directory.

What's new in this version

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Minimum requirements

• Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
• OpenGL 1.2 video drivers

Additional info

Operating system: Win XP, Win Vista

Uninstaller: included

Release date: 1/18/2009

Downloads: 556

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