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Scrolling Game Development Kit

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A free and versatile game development tool

Benjamin Marty |
added on February 15, 2019


It's free
Ability to edit and extend the games source code
Provides extensive documentation
Efficiently compiles game files


The apps interface does look somewhat outdated
There may be some learning curve when starting to use the app
Some bugs were experienced while testing the app on Windows 10
Scrolling Game Development Kit
Price: $0.00
SGDK2 (short for Scrolling Game Development Kit 2) is a tool for developing games without needing to know any programming language. Although it does include a code editor, knowing how to code is not needed for creating games that are not too complex.

The first thing when opening the application, it asks you if you want to display the documentation. We do advise you to read through the provided documentation, as it can greatly facilitate your game development process and help you get to know all of the apps features.

Besides reading through the documentation, there are some sample projects available when creating new project. Sample projects along with fully functional games, as well as some graphics and templates can be also found online by browsing to projects page from the developers website.

SGDK2 comes with an intuitively organized interface, with everything regarding the current project accessible from the project tree. Here you can find and create things like Graphic Sheets, Maps, Tilesets, as well as view and edit the source code for the entire project.

The projects source code is in C Sharp language and can be arbitrarily edited/extended, and compiled to generate an executable game file. Projects can be even exported to HTML5, enabling you to create games that are playable on any web browser or mobile device.

So, if you are ready to unleash your inner child and create a simple game, or are a professional game designer looking to create a new old-school style game title, then SGDK2 can provide you with all the tools you need to achieve just that.
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Minimum requirements

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5
• OpenGL 1.2 video drivers

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